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* Panel/Bubble
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Pg, 001

-no text-


Pg, 002

Chapter One: The Scanner Scans
Chapter Two: The Translator
Chapter Three: The Editor Edits
Chapter Four: QC and Proof Takes Place
Chapter Five: Release!


Pg, 003

*Hoowee:  Ahhhhhhh!
               [What do you mean the release is today?]

shihaf:     Eeeediot.


<...oom ...oom>

Hoowee &
shihaf:         ?!

*Resie:       I'm DONE!
                %heh heh, it was hard to do, but worth it%

<rustle rustle>


Pg, 004

*# Earlier that day...

<shine shine shine>

*Brandi: Muwahahaha, come to me my minions...


=This is only ment to show a basic translation layout and does not show the best way to set a translation out.  Please just take this as an example only.=