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Publisher: Kadokawa
Action / Mecha
Status in Japan:
1 Volume [complete]

Plot outline:
It's Christmas Eve, and the Jindai High School second year students have been invited on an overnight cruise on the Pacific Chrysalis! Not only is it Christmas Eve, but it's also Kaname's 17th birthday- and much to her disappointment, Sousuke has to cancel out on the trip because of a mission. The trip is going wonderfully, until- what? The cruise ship is hijacked by terrorists!? Not again! Wait a minute...these terrorists seems awfully familiar...and why did that one just call the clumsy ash blonde girl wearing the maid's uniform "captain"? "A Dancing Very Merry Christmas" is the next exciting instalment in the Full Metal Panic saga!

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Volume One
Part 01 A
Part 01 B
Part 02 A
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Part 03
Part 04 A
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Part 05