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Publisher: Kadokawa
Action / Mecha
Status in Japan:
1 Volume [complete]

Plot outline:
"I don't think you can carry on like this anymore."
And with those words, just like a spell, everything around Sousuke starts to change.
Leonards slips past Sousuke's guard and appears in Kaname's room. He invites Kaname to Amalgam, and informs them of an all-out attack on Mithril.
Then- his advance notice becomes reality.
That day, the supposedly impenetrable Mithril, as well as the streets that had watched over Sousuke and Kaname for nine months, are rocked by fierce attacks.
"I'll protect her at all costs."
In a desperate battle, Sousuke finds himself alone facing a fight to the death!

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Volume One
Part 01 A
Part 01 B

Part 02 A
Part 02 B
Part 03 A
Part 03 B - April 1 ver.
Part 03 B
Part 04 A
Part 04 B
Part 05