For our peace of mind, please read carefully over the following FAQ.
If you can't find the answer you need get in contact with us, we'll answer when we find the time.

-When will the next chapter of "manga/novel" be released?
We release chapters of a project as soon as we possibly can. We do not hold back releases to annoy people. If the status of a project has changed, we will note it on the website. Please remember we do this for free and in our spare time. Any emails we receive asking this question will be immediately deleted without response.

-You've released the latest chapter of "manga/novel", but I can't download it from your site. Where's the link?
New chapters are first released to the IRC channel only, direct download links are added later. You will be able to find these links by looking on the download directory page.  You can find this page on each projects individual page up the top, just under the plot outline.

-The download link is broken, please fix it.
First, make sure that there is supposed to be a direct download for what you want. See the above. If the link truly is broken, please contact us and inform us of the problem. We will endeavour to fix it asap.

-Could you please send me "manga/novel"?
No, but we will try to make it available for you to download via http as soon as we possibly can.

-Why can't I download Pretear, Kamui, etc?
These series have been licensed for distribution in English. It is Boku-tachi's policy [and general scanlation ethic] to not distribute any works licensed for English release. Why? Very simply, we could get sued. If you want to read a licensed release, please support the industry and buy it.


-Can I web-host "manga/novel"?
We are always in need of people willing to donate their webspace and bandwidth to host our projects. We will do our best to accommodate your manga request, but please keep in mind that we may already have hosts for the particular series you would like- if we do, we might ask you to consider hosting a different series. Please look at our recruitment page for more information.

-Can I distribute your files using bittorrent?
Thank you for the offer, but because of the various issues/problems we have run into with bittorrent in the past, we have decided that http and IRC distribution is sufficient for our needs at the present.


-I would like to do one of your projects in another language, is that ok?
Due to excessive requests, we are no longer allowing foreign retranslations of our projects unless we have already worked with your group before. Please do not ask us.

-We want to do a joint project with Boku-tachi, what is the best way to make this happen?
Please check out our recruitment page for more information.


-What is IRC?
IRC is a program that allows people to chat and download files from each other.

-How do I access the IRC channel?
In order to access the channel, you will need an IRC client. You can get sysReset at, it's free. Once you install and run the program, a connection window will pop up. Fill in your name, nick, and e-mail address, and press OK, not Connect. If any other windows pop up, close them. Now type /server and press enter. This will connect you to the server we are on. Once you are connected, type /join #boku-tachi to join the channel. Be sure to read and follow the rules (type !rules) before you proceed.

-How do I download from IRC?
Type !list in the channel and you will see a series of server information appear
Examine the info and look for something like /ctcp MyNameIs boku-tachi or similar.
Now type the /ctcp trigger into the channel
In the new server window that opens (and not in the main chat channel) type dir
you will see a list of files and folders (similar to DOS/Linux etc)
[to go into a directory type something like cd File name.]
then once in that directory type dir to see the files there
to get a file type in get ToD_v01_ch01_[b-t].zip or similar and the file will be queued
This will be similar for the majority of servers.
NOTE: You will need to stay in the channel to receive the files you have queued!!


-What is the best way to contact Boku-tachi?
You can either email us or come into our channel. We'll do our best to help you.

-How can I join Boku-Tachi?
Please check out our recruitment page for more information.

-Aren't some of your projects licensed?
None of our projects are licensed. If it becomes licensed, then we drop it as soon as we find out. Escaflowne, Kagerou Nostalgia and Full Metal Panic have separate series, some of which have not been licensed which are the only ones we have worked on.

-The names are wrong in "manga/novel". Fix them!
We translate directly from the manga or novel, not the game or anime it was based on. Keep in mind that that really is no "correct" way to spell Japanese words in English. If we do discover we have translated a name differently to how the mangaka/author intended, we will fix it in future releases.

-I downloaded the Full Metal Panic novels, but they aren't working. What do I do?
If you are having problems opening the Full Metal Panic novel files, please make sure that you have downloaded and installed the latest version of Adobe Acrobat before contacting us.

-Where can I buy "manga/novel" for myself?
You can buy any of our projects in Japanese from various places on the internet. Amazon Japan, Animaxis, and Yesasia are some of the places that you can try.